Marine / Marine Transport

Marine Shrink Wrapping & Transportation

Our Team has been wrapping Yachts and Boats for Over 15 years with our other company, L.I. Detailing & Diving Services Corp. We are servicing over 300 boats every year and also provide shrink wrapping for marine transportation across the country or overseas. VSW will travel to your location, frame, and wrap any size or type of crafts on demand. We use a minimum of 8 mil in thickness for storage, and up to 10 mil for transport.

In order to ensure durability during storage, VSW will install a semi-rigid frame which would prevent the shrink wrap from collapsing in case of extreme weather, the wrap will be then installed and heated to create a full protection over the deck and hull. Vents, access door and moisture desiccants will also be installed to allow entry and prevent the formation of mildew from the trapped moisture.

For transport, boat are usually padded and wrapped without frame to prevent resistance to wind from the moving vehicle. The padding will ensure protection to all deck hardware and rails and the wrap will protect the boat from weather, salt, road grime, gravel and other harmful contaminants that can damage it. With the shrink wrapping process, the boat will be delivered without damage, which can lower its value. It also protects the boat so little or no cleaning will be required upon arrival.