VSW wraps:

  • patio & indoor furniture
  • air conditioning units
  • outside furniture and bars
  • pool houses
  • hot tubs
  • ice machines
  • equipment
  • boats
  • RV’s
  • vehicles
  • planes

…and any other personal effects that would like to be protected from the elements, stored or transported.

Protect your possessions to ensure preservation and a long life.

Shrink wrap film which may or may not be flame retardant and may be of various mils (thickness) depending on the items to be wrapped, and the purpose (storage or transport) for shrink wrapping the items.

Shrink wrap film is a UV inhibitor and will protect your personal items from sun ray damage.


VSW can securely pad and wrap your most valuable possessions.

Shrink wrapping furniture prevents damage from scratching, friction, banging, staining, and soiling. We suggest shrink wrapping furniture, such as tables, portable kitchen islands, couches and chairs, dressers, bed frames, armoires and antiques, mirrors, hutch and china cabinets, desks and bookcases, and any other belongings that are valuable to you and your family. These personal effects will come into contact with many other pieces of furniture and items during the packaging and transport process. Protecting them with shrink wrap will preserve their quality in the process and enable easy storage of them if you’re not quite ready to use them upon arrival.


Shrink wrap your porch so you can use it throughout winter. Shrink wrapping your outside living spaces will allow you to continue using it throughout the wintertime but will also help keep snow, ice, and rain from piling up right outside your door, which helps preserve your outdoor living space from weathering.


Damaged roofs and windows can be protected with the temporary installation of shrink wrap. It form fits to your home while protecting it from precipitation, animals, and debris. It is a UV inhibitor thus protecting your assets from the suns’ rays.