Commercial & Industrial

Containment Walls & Partitions

Containment walls and partitions are used to ensure inventory, personnel and property to remain safe from dust and debris during construction, plant modifications, and warehouse extensions. They are also used for activities requiring secure containment like sand-blasting, asbestos removal, and painting.

The Shrink Wrap meets the requirements of SSPC Guide 61 Class 1 and Class 2.
We carry several different construction shrink wrap in flame retardant and non-flame retardant sizes and mil thickness for all types of construction projects, weatherization wrapping and environmental containment applications.
A framework will be constructed using rigid or semi-rigid structure as well as special strapping and special tapes to install the shrink wrap containment.  Once the material is in place, the process of shrinking the wrap is accomplished by using a propane fired heat gun. The hot air produced by the heat gun is used to heat seam and seal the sheets of shrink wrap together thereby forming a large impermeable barrier around the rigid or semi-rigid framework. Once installed and shrunk, the shrink wrap will create a tight weather proof barrier which will virtually contain 100% of sandblast, paint, lead or asbestos residuals, dust and debris. Our products include 9, 10.5 and 12 mil flame resistant shrink wrap with UVI for longevity.


VSW offers services to commercial companies and private individuals in the process of building and roofing. Big projects can sometimes take months of realization and can be put on hold due to bad weather or due to the completion of other projects

The advantage of having a temporary roof enclosure install is:

  1. The rapidity of installation
  2. The durability and resistance to the elements
  3. The cost

The installation is usually fast and effective in case of a race against the elements. A temporary frame will be installed and the wrap will be then shrunk over it, protecting the building from rain, snow, wind, dust, leaks and any other damaging elements during the realization of other projects or the “Put on Stand-by” due to weather conditions.

When construction resumes or the weather breaks, the temporary enclosure can be easily removed and recycled.

Shrink wrap is a resistant material that can be installed and last a long time, versus tarps and other temporary materials that can be very awkward to work with and are also not as resistant. Tarps can sometimes have to be replaced numerous times during a project and can become costly even damaging if ripped out by heavy winds. Our wraps come in different thicknesses (up to 12 mil) and can be fitted exactly to the desire enclosure which will ensure resistance to heavy winds and impermeability from the elements.


During construction projects, corporations have heavy machinery that cannot always be moved easily from site to site and are only sporadically used. VSW offers their services to those companies with a versatile way to protect their equipment or rented equipment from debris, dust, scratching and corrosion from elements and other construction hazards to protect and ensure a longer durability of their investments.

The efficiency of our shrink wrap works to the advantage of project managers by reducing their time limits in realization, eliminating moving and installing such machinery. It will also save companies money on increasing the durability of their equipment by protecting them.

We pad all or part of the machinery to protect sharp edges from puncturing the wrap, and also to protect fragile components. The wrap will be fitted to the padded machine and rust inhibitors, vents and access doors will be installed to assure a good storage condition.

These items can then be stored for medium to long storage time without any worries of being damaged.


VSW shrink wraps window openings when:

  • Custom-made windows are to be installed at a later date, or if
  • Windows are in need of replacement because they’ve been broken or damaged, or if
  • A project has been put on temporary hold and there’s a delay in window installation. 

Shrink wrapping window openings allows for construction companies, carpenters, and other trades to be able to continue working on the interior elements of the building, while ensuring against unwanted rain, snow, dirt, wind, sand and other natural elements, as well as animals, that could delay the construction process and completion of a project in timely manner.


VSW provides construction companies, builders and other contractors with the ability to create a work space during the colder season to block drafts to minimize cold, wind and rain, and allow the trade to continue working.

This process involves installing temporary walls (partition walls), roofs and window coverings, and possibly temporary interior overhead ceilings. Access doors and vents can also be installed for easy access and ventilation. Those temporary walls can be of any thickness and can be made with flame retardants wraps if required by the fire Marshall or if they need to be heated with portable propane, kerosene or any other heaters. The “weatherproofing” of the part of a construction site, will allow builders to continue working and not get delayed by any weather type. It will create a more enjoyable working atmosphere for the workers and have them work faster in their projects. In addition of “Weatherproofing”, those temporary enclosures will also act has a barrier from any outside harmful debris, dust and contaminants.