Disaster Relief

In the event of natural disaster, VSW provides shrink wrapping services to companies, individuals, and government entities who are in need of temporary enclosures to secure homes and buildings as a result of damage and destruction. Temporary roofing solutions, window enclosures, equipment, and belongings can all be wrapped to provide you with the necessary time to asses and recover from these difficult situations.

In these events, sometimes assistance is delayed due to the high demand of aid for construction companies and help crews. Delayed responses due to a high volume of demand can be emotionally distressing and physically exhausting. We can help by installing temporary roofs, walls, and windows to protect your belongings and to secure your home from further damage from precipitation, wind, and animal infestations due to openings in your homes and buildings.

Personal effects can also be temporarily wrapped outside the home if it’s under construction. Special wraps can be installed to create a liner, in order to prevent certain items from mildewing.

Shrink Wrapping secures and protects investments, both personal and public, and can provide temporary relief to you, your family, and your business.

Military Shipping & Storage

Military is always on the move, and very expensive equipment is moved or stored around the world.

VSW provides the solution of wrapping equipment and machinery in order to protect the investment against debris, dust, weather, scratching, and chaffing for storage and transport via carriers or trucks.
Before shrink wrapping the investment, VSW will pad and protect it in order to minimize the risk of degradation.

Desiccants and VIC inhibitors can be installed to prevent mildewing and surface corrosion during long transport or storage. If necessary, we can provide access doors to wrapped items.

The advantage of shrink wrapping such items is the capacity of quick response in the installation of the wrap, durability and protection. Our products are dependable and recyclable.